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Amelia is a booking platform for your photography business that's simple to use, with no complicated workflows. Book clients, get paid and manage your calendar.

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Advanced availability control

The availability manager allows you to easily create rules for when you're available to booking. Adjust it by range of dates or by individual periods to have total control of your time.

Upcoming bookings

See what's next on your schedule. Easily view session and client details to get prepared to the photoshoot.

Unlimited session types

Create full sessions, mini sessions and custom, one-offs to specific clients. No limits are imposed.

Simplify the booking process

Amelia is a powerful tool for you to keep the business organized. No matter what kind of photography you shoot, your clients will always have a great booking experience.

Scheduling and availability

With availability rules, you have total and fine control of when your sessions happen and how frequently.

Get paid

Secure online payments with Credit Cards, and event electronic transfers and cash. Your choice.

Just the necessary

Forget about complicated workflows, setups and maintenance. Amelia keeps the important things simple and at hand.

Easy and fast booking

The booking page is straight to the point and easy to use. Your clients will love it.

Ditch the boring bits

Amelia handles the tedious tasks while you focus on what really matters: capturing those lovely shots and unleashing your creativity.

Wave goodbye to endless paperwork and say hello to smooth, hassle-free session management

Keep your sanity intact with automated booking reminders and updates so you never miss a beat

Impress your clients with professional-looking contracts and invoices, because first impressions matter.

Streamline your workflow with Amelia's user-friendly interface designed specifically for busy photographers.

What's included
  • Unlimited full sessions
  • Unlimited mini sessions
  • Branded booking site
  • Online payments
  • Offline payments
  • Partial payments
  • Client reminders
  • Notifications
  • Google calendar integration
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Contracts
  • Image gallery per session
  • Availability rules
  • Coupons
  • Questionnaires

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